Tenerife is THE place to play golf! Let’s promote it together

Tenerife is the ideal place to play golf. You’ll find a variety of stunning courses to choose from, excellent facilities and perfect weather all the year round. If you’re in the local golf business, you know that.

But most European golfers and even some golf holiday companies simply have no clue. They have no idea that Tenerife is a marvellous golfing destination, let alone just how much this island has to offer golf lovers of all budgets and skill levels.

It’s time to change this situation! It’s time for the whole golfing community to get together and work as a team to brand Tenerife as the place to play golf in Europe. Over the last year, we have been building awareness with a blog at TenerifeGolf.info and several other social media sites. That’s a good start. But surely a multi-million Euro golfing industry can work together to come up with a common strategy to promote itself, and claim a massive slice of the European golfing market share.

Tenerife Golf

Tenerife Golf

It’s time to think outside the box

For such an ambitious initiative to succeed, the entire Tenerife golfing community has to get involved and come up with a master plan that unites all the parties involved. There has to be a clear plan of action, with goals and strategies defined in writing. And most of all, it is time to get creative and embrace new ways of marketing golf in Tenerife.

The focus of the plan should be using Digital Media to promote Tenerife Golf both at home, and especially abroad to an audience that is 70% English-speaking. We need to embrace modern techniques of online marketing and use social networking to spread our message. There is no point in using all our resources to shout at the top of our voices with old style ads and campaigns. There is more bang to be had for the advertising buck by using the Internet to rope in the whole European golfing community to promote Tenerife as a golfing destination to their friends and colleagues.

This will involve making an extensive use of the Social Media accounts we have been running for the past year – posting photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, updating the Facebook fan page for Tenerife Golf or twitter, publishing more news and articles on TenerifeGolf.info and so on. The whole idea is to build social networks of people who are interested in golfing, and to promote Tenerife Golf using each of these social media platforms. All news and promotions would be encouraged to run through these accounts, so that the new information instantly reaches the masses of avid golfing followers, who will in turn pass it on to their friends.

Another vital part of modern marketing is getting to know what your audience wants. For this purpose, we could set up an island-wide Comment Card system. Each golfer will be asked for their email before they start playing golf, and is later sent a comment card asking them how they enjoyed their round. These comment cards will allow the golfing community to build up a database of subscribers for marketing purposes and, just as importantly, to gain invaluable insight and information as regards what golfers in Tenerife are after.

At the same time as we are wooing European golfers, we also need to get together and network better with tour operators – invite them over for a few rounds of golf and give them a taste of what Tenerife has to offer their clients.

Working together towards success

We have success in our sights and we’ve already started working for it! What about you? If you have involved in any way with the golf or golf-related services in Tenerife, join the Tenerife Golf Network on LinkedIn today, and get networked with the rest of the golfing business.

Directors of courses, associations, societies, golf holiday organisers, golf shops, hotels, golfing bloggers etc. all need to connect online, so tell your friends and colleagues to join in too. This LinkedIn group will give us a common platform through which to communicate and work together to promote golf in Tenerife.

You know how widespread the I love NY brand is. Now picture a concept like I love TF Golf being promoted across the European golfing scene with the help and cooperation of everyone involved. Just think of the effects such a change a brand would have on the local golfing business. And that’s just that start of what can be achieved if Tenerife’s golfing community all work together as a team!

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