REVEALED: How we marketed the Tenerife Ladies Open online

With all the interest that the Tenerife Ladies Open has generated, we thought we’d give you in inside look at the internet marketing we did behind the scenes, and show you how we went about creating online buzz before, during and after the event. First off, we want to say that this was a team […]

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Boost your online presence with a Google Profile

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, blog… If you’re serious about your social media marketing, you should be actively using a whole bunch of social networks to build an online following and get your message out there. The thing is that while it’s great to have so many ways to reach out, you can easily begin to […]

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How to make a splash in social media

In a funny, rapid-fire 4 minutes, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit tells the real-life fable of one humpback whale’s rise to Web stardom. The lesson of Mister Splashy Pants is a shoo-in classic for meme-makers and marketers in the Facebook age. This is a story of how social networking has the power to change both the […]

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How Sparkle are launching their exciting, new social network with a bang!

How do you start a massive online party and get thousands of people to attend? That’s the challenge we’re now working on, with the forthcoming launch of Sparkle – an exciting new Social Network with a huge difference. The first thing you need is to organise a terrific party! And that is the mammoth task […]

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Tenerife is THE place to play golf! Let’s promote it together

Tenerife is the ideal place to play golf. You’ll find a variety of stunning courses to choose from, excellent facilities and perfect weather all the year round. If you’re in the local golf business, you know that. But most European golfers and even some golf holiday companies simply have no clue. They have no idea […]

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How to promote your charity and raise funds online

If you work for a charity or non-profit organisation, have you ever thought about all the ways you can use the Internet to make your cause known and even raise funds for your projects? The fact is that it has never been easier to reach out to potential benefactors across the world and involve them […]

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