How to succeed at Do-it-yourself Social Media Marketing

How’s your social media campaign going?

A while back, we discussed how companies are hiring Online Community Managers to take charge of their internet marketing campaigns and build a strong following of fans across the various social media networks. In a few words, the job of an Online Community Manager is to be the public face of your company online. Your OCM leads your social media team and makes sure that you are taking maximum advantage of all the available (and upcoming) social marketing tools and strategies. It is their job to leverage the online community and get people to help you spread your message farther and wider than you ever could do with traditional marketing on a fixed budget.

Do it yourself (with some help)

Building a social media team out of your current staff is also a great solution and a way to save money if you don’t feel you can justify adding another full-time post at the moment. Anyone can learn to do effective social media marketing, and we strongly suggest that your employees take an active role in engaging with your clients and the online community at large.

Having said that, it is vital that you provide your staff with adequate, ongoing training that will allow them to use social media to its fullest potential. New social media technologies and marketing strategies are emerging all the time, and existing social networks often evolve and develop in game-changing ways. What worked fabulously 6 months ago, may not be so effective any more, and keeping up is a vital part of keeping ahead.

Besides, we often see people making many social media marketing mistakes that could seriously undermine the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns unless they are addressed. One example is using a standard Facebook profile instead of benefiting from the advantages of having a proper business page. Another common one is to create accounts on social platforms and then fail to engage effectively with those communities (for example just uploading photos on Flickr, and not reaching out by commenting on other people’s photos, joining groups and adding contacts).

Of course, all it takes is a little bit of training and expert supervision for you to make the most of your social marketing efforts, and that’s where Sorted Sites comes in.

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Empowering you towards Social Media Success

Remember, that the idea is not to delegate your social media marketing entirely to an outside company. We strongly advise against that because no one could ever know your business and your clients as well as you do. And after all, it is you that your clients and prospects want to interact with and get to know.

What we propose is to provide the necessary social media coaching to help you organize your social media team. We will help you come up with an effective online marketing strategy and make sure you have the technical framework and know-how you need to implement that strategy successfully. Then, once the initial groundwork is laid out, your own staff will confidently manage your social media campaign on their own, knowing that they are backed up by professional supervision and the necessary periodical training to keep up with the latest developments. This is the way we work with our clients and it has proven to be a very effective way to make sure that the effort put into social media marketing brings in the expected results.

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At the same time, we will help you evaluate your success and come up with new ideas, strategies and promotions that you can launch to reach out to the widest audience possible.

Trying to go it alone is as likely to end in disaster as delegating 100% of your online marketing to a third party, rather than engaging with your audience yourself. The secret is to find the right balance and take advantage of the full potential of social media to get your message out there and bring in the business. Contact us today, to discuss how you can do just that!

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