Get ready for Google’s new Plus 1 social voting!

What do you get when you cross Facebook’s “Like” button with the world’s most popular search engine? Well, it’s Google +1 (or Plus 1)!

As we’ve often discussed, Google is always working on ways to make their search results more relevant and more in tune with what people are actually looking for. Now they are taking their Social Search to a whole new level with the introduction of Google +1 .

The basic concept is one you’re all familiar with. Google +1 lets people with a Google Profile vote up content they like, much in the manner of Facebook’s Like button. What is very exciting in this case, however, is that Google will be rolling out +1 across its search results. The idea is that when you search on Google, you get to see what links people in your Social Circle have +1′d. And (even if you are not logged into your Google Profile) you will also be able to see how many people have voted up the different search results Google presents you with.

+1 is still in an experimental stage and available on English searches at Try it out here! Keep in mind that as Google says, your +1s are public, but you probably already realised that.

How to take advantage of Google +1 for your SEO

We have long said that social voting is going to have an even greater influence on the search results than it already has, and it looks like 2011 will be the year this happens, once +1 becomes official. In the meantime, you need to get ready so you won’t be left behind!

When people go through their +1 enabled search results, they will be paying much more attention to the links that other people have voted up. It’s basic human nature to reach the conclusion that if something is popular, it must be good. Now SEO is going to be as much about getting your links +1′d as it is about search engine rankings.

However, if you think there are easy shortcuts to +1 glory, Google’s track record of detecting those who try and game the system means that you’re probably mistaken.

Once again, Content has been confirmed as King! This makes it very important that you create original and useful content that people will not only like, but also +1, and the same old rules still apply. Write for your audience. Share your knowledge and expertise and make sure that your website and blog content is absolutely top notch. Build an awesome collection of content that will make it easy for you to ask for and win people’s +1 votes when this service goes mainstream.

At the same time, you need to get a Gmail account and build on your Google Profile. Companies that are connected through Google will have the extra advantage of showing up as +1′d in searches by people in their social circle. And you’ll also be able to help the websites you like by giving them your vote!

Google’s +1 places the emphasis on creating great stuff that people will like, and that can only be a very good thing, not only for the Internet, but also for all of you who have something really worthwhile to say!

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