2 new Facebook business page features you must take advantage of!

Facebook is probably just as famous for it’s ever-changing options and features as it is for connecting old schoolmates and ushering a whole new world of social media marketing. This time, though, there’s plenty to be excited about the latest Facebook business page changes if you are using Facebook pages to get your name out there (and you really should).

A few of the changes are just cosmetic, like the new photo showcase up top and the navigation menu that has moved to left, in the same position as on standard Facebook pages. However, where the new style Facebook business pages have really come into their own is the way they let you interact with your audience, both on your own page and on third-party pages as well. Here are two of the changes that we absolutely love:

1. Comment on your business page as yourself

When people come to your Facebook business page, they would probably much rather interact with a human being than with a ‘faceless’ company. It looks like Facebook have finally taken notice of this, and you can now comment on your business page in your own name. You will have to activate this feature before you can use it. Don’t worry, it’s just a quick flick of a switch!

Go to your Facebook business page settings and you will see a checkbox that says “Always comment and post on your page as YOUR BUSINESS PAGE NAME even when using Facebook as YOUR PERSONAL NAME.” Simply uncheck this setting, save changes, and you’re done!

Once you set this up, you will find a new option on your business page that lets you use Facebook in the name of your business page again. You can also switch identities between your page and personal accounts by clicking on the ‘Account’ tab on the top-right of Facebook.

This brings us to the other new feature that we think is absolutely awesome:

2. Comment on other business pages as your business page

Yes, as the heading says, you can now comment on other business pages in the name of your own page, and not just using your personal account. If you are in the B2B market, like we are, this opens up tremendous opportunities for your company to reach out and interact with your clients (and their clients) on their own Facebook page.

Another great way to use this new feature is to comment and interact on the Facebook business pages of other businesses that are related to yours. For example if you have a hotel business page, you would post comments on pages of local restaurants, golf courses, and other events and entertainment venues. Also encourage these other companies to do the same on your page, to spread the love (and potential clients) around.

There is only one downside to this feature that we can see: it can be used for evil, to hijack a competitor’s page with your comments. It goes without saying that this is terrible form and does you no favours, so don’t!

To use this feature, you need to enable the ‘Commenting on your business page as yourself’ feature and then select the ‘Use Facebook as your page’ option, as we described above. If you are the admin of several pages, you get to choose which page you want to interact as. And finally, you will also have to ‘Like’ the business page that you want to comment on before you can do so.

These two features open up lots of amazing opportunities for you to spread the name of your business around on Facebook. Remember to always be gracious and courteous in your interactions, even when other people are not. Your potential clients will be forming an opinion of you based on what you say and do.

While we’re very excited about these new features, we don’t blame you if you feel that whenever you think you’re getting the hang of Facebook, they come along and change the rules of the game. Facebook offers you plenty of information about their business pages in the Pages Guide, Resource Center and in the Help Center.

And if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about how to make the most of your Facebook pages, or if you’d rather spend more time running your business, just contact us at Sorted Sites and we’ll be delighted to help you out!

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